Pressure and stress are not uncommon in human life experience. Psychologically such a condition may be triggered by various problems such as family, work, or others.

Pressure is more influenced by a number of external factors while stress is  by internal factors.

Life pressure and stress can be managed. If we manage pressure and stress properly, they will result in positive impact on ourselves. But if it’s the other way around, life pressure and stress will create a problem not only for your, but also for other people around you.

In general, proper management of pressure and stress have the potentials to create a positive impact to face everyday life challenges . If you put these two circumstances in the right place, you can develop yourself to become more resilient.

Factors that trigger life pressure and stress in humans.

Life pressure and stress  are incited by a number of factors, namely:
1. Environmental factor, which the first factor that has the potential to trigger pressure. The family environment, the surrounding environment, school or campus, work or business environment, and the social media environment have the potential for uncertainty which is one of the triggers for stress.

2. Organizational factor,  which is a more structured form of an environment.  Several forms of pressure and stress  stem from organizational factors, including:

a. work-related task demands, such as pressure to avoid mistakes or complete assignments in a timely manner;
b. role demands related to the pressure given to someone as a function of the particular role he plays in the organization;
c. interpersonal demands, such as relationships with co-workers, lack of peer support and poor interpersonal relationships can cause stress, especially among workers with high social needs.

3. Personal factors, referring to the personality and character inherent in a person which can also cause pressure and stress.

In dealing with pressure and stress in life, we must have a foothold or basis, namely positive beliefs. Positive beliefs will have an impact on a positive mindset and positive mentality which will affect how we react to life pressure and stress through attitudes shown by behavior.

Positive Beliefs

Positive beliefs are the basis of positive mindsets and mental patterns that will have an impact on human behavior and attitudes in general. There are four ways to build positive beliefs, namely;

a. believing that nothing happens by chance if certain circumstances must be experienced.
b. believing that every pressure always contains learning or wisdom.
c. facing and resolving pressure, stress and challenges
d. believing that happiness is unconditional or without any required standard or condition

2. Positive Mindset

A positive mindset influences behavior because we act on what we think. A positive mindset can be built through:

a. cooperating with those closest to us
b. collaborating with various interested parties.
c. getting support or help from other parties that sometimes have no direct connection with the problem at hand.
d. innovating or creating new ways to deal with old pressures
e. having creativity in devising new ways of overcoming challenges that seem to create pressure
f. adaptating under any conditions of challenge that creates pressure

3. Positive Mentality

A positive mentality refers to an optimistic attitude in every situation in life.T he tendency to pick and choose a positive reaction is shown by positive behavior as well.

A balanced and stable mindset and mentality will support in overcoming or controlling pressure through the changes we make, namely:

1. changing our body movement

Our physical and mental influence each other. When feelings are in a negative condition, unconsciously the body will respond to them in the same condition as feelings. If emotions are unstable, we should change our body movements like the body movements we usually do in conditions of positive feelings.

2. changing our thinking

Most of us focus on the problem, not on the solution, when we are confronted by life pressure and stress. For this reason, a different perspective is needed to manage life pressure and stress.

3. changing beliefs by assigning a positive meaning to each incident or events that trigger the pressure.

4. changing our food intake.

Changing food intake, understood as both physical food and food of mind, will greatly influence our perspective and behavior in dealing with life pressure and stress.  Physical food is defined as everyday food we consume, while food of mind refers to various information we receive from various media.

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