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Medical & Health Care
Health law covers any legal or regulatory provisions which directly related to maintenance and health care.
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Civil & Criminal
In the field of civil law, SIP LAW FIRM has finished cases, such as damages claim due to negligence/breach in business, land disputes and wealth disputes. In the field of criminal law, SIP LAW FIRM frequently handled fraud, embezzlement and other various cases.
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Family & Marriage
Family-marriage law dealt in SIP LAW FIRM includes divorce, child custody lawsuit, inheritance property claim and many more.
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Employment Relationship Between Diplomatic Representatives and Local Employees in Indonesia

Diplomatic representatives are granted immunity and privileges in carrying out their duties and functions based on the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Some immunities and privileges are  immunity in carrying out official duties and privileges in the form of exemption from contributions, taxes and customs duties as well as exemption from inspection of goods, […]

Authority in the Management and Utilization of Mines in the Era of Regional Autonomy

Law Number 11 of 1967 concerning Basic Mining Provisions states that every entrepreneur who will carry out mining activities must have a Mining Power of Attorney (KP). The provision of KP is based on the classification of excavated materials. There are three kinds of excavated material groups, namely groups a, b and c.  Class a […]

Legal Terms of Property Sale and Purchase Transactions and BPJS Kesehatan

Referring to Article 1457 of the Civil Code, buying and selling is an agreement in which one party binds himself to deliver an item and the other party pays the promised price. What is meant by price is a valid means of payment in the form of a sum of money, while goods which become […]

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