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SIP LAW FIRM has been handling various cases related to labor law, among others are labor disputes from bipartite and tripartite level negotiations to PHI (Court of Industrial Relations).
Medical & Health Care
Health law covers any legal or regulatory provisions which directly related to maintenance and health care.
In the field of mining law, SIP LAW FIRM handles exploitation permits management and other mining-related acts as well as mining business consultation in terms of concessions or IUP (Mining Permit), type of minerals, and WIUP (Mining Business Area and disputes Other mining).
Civil & Criminal
In the field of civil law, SIP LAW FIRM has finished cases, such as damages claim due to negligence/breach in business, land disputes and wealth disputes. In the field of criminal law, SIP LAW FIRM frequently handled fraud, embezzlement and other various cases.
Family & Marriage
Family-marriage law dealt in SIP LAW FIRM includes divorce, child custody lawsuit, inheritance property claim and many more.
Corporate & Investment Law
In the field of corporate law, SIP LAW FIRM often handle cases, include establishment and shareholder agreements, shareholder restructuring, business licenses and General Meeting of Shareholders.
SIP LAW FIRM handles property law cases, such as land and construction permit and land acquisition disputes.
Banking & Insurance
SIP LAW FIRM handles all related issue for institutional bank, business activities as well as the implementation of business activity and process.
Bankruptcy law relate to a person or company management of bankruptcy and their assets or inheritance that intended to settle their debts. SIP LAW FIRM experiences at handling bankruptcy cases, such as contested bankruptcy, asset confiscation, curator, estate bankruptcy and others.
Intellectual Property
In Law Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI), SIP LAW FIRM handles registration, infringement suit, investigation of intellectual property related fields (includes: patent, copyright, trademark, industrial design, trade secrets).
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