Medical & Health Care

We provide a comprehensive legal service to all those involve in healthcare industry, such as advises healthcare employment contract, medical supplier agreement, acquisition of healthcare business, medical disputes, etc. 


Our service are including but not limited to: drafting and negotiating employment contracts; confidentiality agreements; workforce consultancy and agreements; consultancy for employment procedure and handbook; and many more.


We provide mining business consultation in terms of regulations, concession or IUP (mining business permit in Indonesia), mineral category permit, WIUP (area of mining project), and mining-related disputes, etc.

Civil & Criminal

SIP Law Firm’s civil law team helps resolve legal issues that impact on people’s everyday lives, such as debts issue, damage claim due to negligence/breach in business, property disputes, etc

Family & Mariage

We specialize in the full range of family legal matters including divorce, child custody, financial issue, inheritance settlement, property claim and more. 


We are experienced in handling high-profile real estate transactions, including but not limited to: buy/sell property, joint venture, mergers, acquisitions and takeovers of property business, etc.


Our expertise in corporate law sector extends to corporate structuring and restructuring, business license, investment, corporate finance, acquisitions, and more.

Bank & Insurance

SIP Law Firm handles all related issues for financial institutions, including bank, and related business activities. 


We are expert on bankruptcy law, local court rules and procedures. We provide legal advice about bankruptcy and assist them to go through all the process, from filing all bankruptcy requirements to represent client at Bankruptcy Hearings.

Capital Market

As one of Capital Market Law practitioners,  we have dedicated team in handling Capital Market legal services. We assist our clients in conducting IPO, dealing with all legal requirement and technical matters.

Privacy & Data Protection

SIP Law Firm assists any kind of client in assessing, developing and implementing innovative and simple solutions related to privacy and data protection. 

Intelectual Property

Through SIP R, SIP Law Firm is dedicated to advise and assist clients to protect their Intellectual Property. We advise and assist clients on registration and maximizing the value of IP including licensing.