President Joko Widodo has issued Presidential Regulation No. 53/2022 on the National Water Resources Council (Dewan SDA Nasional). The issuance of the regulation is to implement the provisions of Article 65 paragraph (4) and paragraph (9) of Law No. 17/2019 on the National Water Resources Council.

The definition of the Dewan SDA Nasional is a coordinating forum for the management of water resources at the national level. The management of water resources  involves planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of water resources and controlling the destructive power of water. This is carried out by non-structural institutions under the president’s direction.

Functions of Dewan SDA Nasional 

Based on Article 5 of Presidential Regulation No. 53/2022 , Dewan SDA Nasional has the following functions, namely:

  • Coordinating the formulation of National Water Resources Management policies;
  • Coordinating the preparation of the design of the allocation of the river area and changes to the allocation of the river area;
  • Coordinating the formulation of policies on the management of hydrological, hydrometeorological, and hydrogeological information systems at the national level;
  • Coordinating and synchronizing the considerations and recommendations for handling strategic issues in the field of water resources;
  • Coordinating with provincial water resources councils, regency/municipal water resources councils and coordination teams for river area water resources management in the context of water resources management.

Organizational Structure  

The organizational structure of Dewan SDA Nasional is as follow:


It is assigned to the maritime and investment minister, who manages the coordination, synchronization, and control of the ministry  of maritime and investment. 

2. Deputy Chairperson

It is assigned to the coordinating minister of economic affairs, who managesthe coordination, synchronization, and control of the coordinating ministry of economic affairs.

3. Managing Chairperson

It is assigned to a minister

4. Member

Members of Dewan SDA Nasional consist of 3 elements, namely the central government representatives, regional administration representatives and non-governmental elements.  The central government is represented by ministers from various fields, regional administrations are represented by governors from western, central and eastern parts of Indonesia and non-governmental elements are represented by organizations or associations representing aspects of water resources conservation, utilization of water resources and control of water damage.

5. Secretary

The Regulation No.10/2017 on Dewan SDA Nasional is no longer valid after the issuance of.Presidential Regulation No. 53 /2022. However, all laws and regulations  Presidential Regulation No. 10/2017 remain valid in consideration of the laws and regulations do not oppose or in conflict with the provisions of the new presidential regulation.

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