Law No. 22/2022 on Correctional was issued on August 3, 2022, The purpose of the law is as follows:

  1. guaranteeing the protection of the rights of prisoners and children
  2. improving the quality of personality and self-reliance of inmates to not repeat crimes in the hope that they can be accepted by the community, can live normally as good citizens, obey the law, are responsible, and can play an active role in the development.
  3. protecting the public from repetition of criminal acts.

The law guarantees fair treatment, protection and provides guidance to facilitate inmates to return back in society.

Principles of the Correctional System

The correctional system is implemented based on the principles of:

  1. protection
  2. non-discrimination
  3. humanity
  4. mutual cooperation
  5. independence
  6. proportionality
  7. loss of independence as the only suffering
  8. professionalism

Rights and Obligations of Inmates

The law stipulates the rights and obligations of under-age detainees and inmates. Their rights and obligations are stipulated in articles 7 and 8 of Law No. 22/2022. The rights obtained by detainees are:

  1. to worship according to their religion or belief
  2. to receive treatment, both physical and spiritual
  3. to get education, teaching, and recreational activities, as well as opportunities to develop potential
  4. to get proper health services and food in accordance with nutritional needs
  5. to get information services
  6. to get legal counseling and legal assistance.
  7. to submit complaints and/or grievances.
  8. to get reading material and follow the mass media broadcasts that are not prohibited.
  9. to receive humane treatment and be protected from acts of torture, exploitation, neglect, violence, and all actions that endanger the physical and mental.
  10. to get social services.
  11. to accept or refuse visits from family, advocates, assistants, and the community.

The duties of under-age detainees and inmates are:

  1. to comply with the rules of procedure.
  2. to follow the service program in an orderly manner.
  3. to maintain a clean, safe, orderly and peaceful life;
  4. to respect the human rights of everyone in their environment.

Other Rights

Inmates and under-age detainees get other rights if they meet certain requirements, such as:

  1. remission
  2. assimilation
  3. leave to visit or be visited by family.
  4. conditional leave
  5. leave before release
  6. parole.
  7. other rights in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

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