Hanna Kathia Septianti, S.H.

Senior Associate

A senior associate of SIP Law Firm, Hanna Kathia Septianti is a certified advocate. Since joining SIP Law Firm in 2015, she has developed her specialisation in corporate law, arbitration and dispute resolutions. She has advised and represented various clients from various business sectors, ranging from finance to mining.


Hanna Kathia Septianti joined SIP Law Firm shortly after she graduated from Padjajaran University School of Law in 2015. She has developed her expertise in corporate law, arbitration and dispute resolutions. 

She has advised national and international corporate and individual clients from various business sectors.  She is known for her consistent quality in drafting legal documents, legal opinion and legal memo;  translating court verdicts; legal research and negotiation skills.  

One of her career highlight was handling and winning the case of annulment of arbitration award involving a national company. Her sharp mind and calm attitude have helped her to win a number of dispute cases.





Universitas Padjajaran, Bachelor of Law


Member of Indonesia Bar Association (PERADI) 


  • First Runner Up, Best Applicant and Respondent Memorandum of Rudi M. Rizki International Law Internal Moot Court Competition 2012
  • Delegates of The 10th Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot 2013 for University of Padjadjaran (Oralist)
  • Delegates of The 11th Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot 2014 for University of Padjadjaran (Oralist);Winner of The 3rd Willem C. Vis Indonesian Pre-Moot