Most law firms in Indonesia rely on the founders to sustain the business. It s not uncommon that a law firm closes its operation after its founder retires or passes away.  Such condition is undesirable, especially if  the law  firm has brought positive impacts to the broader society and people involved in it.

A number of things can be a determining  factor for the sustainability of a law firm after the departure of its the founder.  But this can be prevented with the intervention of proper and professional management of the law firm.

In Indonesia, one law firm known for its efforts to employ sustainable management is SIP Law Firm that has been implementing ISO 26000 standards.

This commitment  can be observed through the three pillars that form the basis for SIP Law Firm in taking every decision to maintain its business.   The three main pillars  are profit, planet, and people.

Not only increasing revenue, SIP Law Firm seeks to distribute profits  fairly to its owners, the state through taxes, and its employees.

Profits are shared to its  owners on a proportional basis according to their investments and contributions at the end of each year.  Contribution to the state, in the form of paying tax, is carried out in accordance with  the  provisions of the  laws and  regulations.

For its employees,  profit sharing is given through increasing income both directly and  indirectly. One example of direct profit  sharing  is giving bonuses in accordance with the increase of company revenue.

Indirect profit distribution  is  given in the  form of incentives such as annual company trips to domestic or foreign destinations .  This year  SIP Law Firm brought its employees to vacation in Turkey.

SIP Law Firm also continues to strive to increase its business profit through the process of getting new  cases,  case agreements,  case management, to the billing and bookkeeping process.

In addition to profit as one of  the main pillars, the planet becomes the second pillar  for SIP  Law Firm management.  SIP Law Firm is committed to supporting sustainability  programs  at both national  and global levels .

SIP Law Firm’s   commitment can be seen during the  COVID-19 pandemic where SIP Law Firm  contributes directly by providing full support to health care facilities and  hospitals . In   other sectors, SIP Law Firm helps its clients affected by COVID-19 in resolving bankruptcy and debt restructuring disputes.

In addition, SIP Law Firm supports its clients digitally in various forms, ranging from drafting rules to technical implementation such as digital  business registration and personal data protection. This year  SIP Law Firm provides support to its clients in materializing  the green economy through increasing renewable energy to downstream mining industry.

SIP Law Firm also seeks to change  the  behavior of  its employees to save energy, water and paper as well as managing the waste produced by the law firm and its employees.  This program is carried out  through various  trainings and campaigns in various print and online  media  on  a regular basis.

Electricity savings  in the office are carried out through the use of LED  lights that are more efficient, the use of lights only if necessary, the routine  maintenance of air conditioner  machines, the use of  the air conditioner at  a temperature of  24 degrees Celcius, and  other small things that have a  positive impact on the environment.  Water conservation is carried out through the  making of  biopores around the  office and the reduction of groundwater use.

Waste management is carried out by sorting organic  and non-organic  waste and establishing cooperation with waste management companies.  In order to save paper usage, SIP Law Firm built an application called e-SIPRO.  This application  makes office administration more effective, efficient, and paperless. This is what makes SIP Law Firm the only  law office  in Indonesia that applies the concept of eco law office.

The third pillar that  supports SIP Law Firm is people.  Here people is understood as its  employees as the main asset and the community surrounding the office.

SIP Law Firm believes that diversity is a strength. SIP Law Firm  never discriminates its employees based on their race, tribes or beliefs.

Improving the welfare for its employees becomes the Law Firm’s main focus .  The remuneration packages for   SIP Law Firm  employees include  health insurance and  life insurance to provide a sense of comfort at work.   Hygiene and health issues are  also a focus for this Jakarta-based  law firm by  using food catering services  to ensure the cleanliness and quality of the  food consumed by its employees in the office.

During the pandemic, SIP Law Firm made  efforts to take care the health of  its employees  by  providing vitamins,  conducting regular swab tests,  providing doctor consultations, and  encouraging its employees and their families to administer mandatory vaccines. Every room in the office is equipped with  hepafilter, hand sanitizer and  masks.

To increase value, SIP Law Firm  holds various annual trainings and programs aimed at improving employee skills and quality.

For the community around the  office, SIP Law Firm has held a number of activities under a philanthropic program called SIP Berbagi. This program includes regular activities on a  weekly and monthly basis to share  benefits directly for the community.

Last but not least is the  aspect of product responsibility. SIP Law Firm strives to maximize the positive impact  of its  legal  services. One of its efforts is through legal education. In  2022 SIP Law Firm built a business unit focusing on  legal education in order to  reach the wider community. SIP Law Firm also manages an information channel containing the  latest rules that can be accessed by the public easily and freely through

In 2021 SIP Law Firm has started to publish some quality legal books.   SIP Law Firm’s consistency on  upholding responsibility for its legal services has  been appreciated in the “Probono Award  2021”, which appreciates the advocates responsibility to be more useful for the community, especially the underprivileged.

The efforts of  SIP Law Firm have shown its aim to pioneer the  implementation of sustainable management for law firms in Indonesia. Such efforts are expected to enable SIP Law Firm to sustain its business operations, to live and to grow together with its employees, community, broader society and the Earth where they live.

Author / Contributor:

 Ibadurrahman, S.Psi, MM

General Manager


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