Building Construction License Procedure




PR 36/2005 concerning Buildings

PR 16/2021 concerning Buildings


1.Requirements needed to build a buildingAdministrative Requirement

  • Status of right over the land, and/or license to use from land right holder;
  • Status of building ownership; and
  • Building construction permit (IMB)


Technical Requirement

  • Building layout (function and intensity of buildings, building architecture, and environmental impact control)
  • Building reliability (safety, health, comfort and convenience)


Building owners must have Building Constructions Approvals (PGB) to build, modify, expand, reduce, and/or maintain the building which based on the standard building technical.


2.Building construction permit IMB application is submitted to the Domestic Government, exemption for building with special function, the application must be sent to the Central Government.


Before applying for IMB, the Applicant must already have a certificate of plan based on the place of building that will be established by the owner.


The applicant fills out the IMB application form that has been provided by the authority.


Applicant attaches:

  • Proof of land ownership status/the right to use land agreement
  • Building owner data/applicant data;
  • technical plans of building buildings; and
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL)


In the process of submitting PBG, before the implementation of construction, the Applicant must submit a technical plan document. After the technical plan approved, the Technical Agency (Dinas Teknis) will be issued a recommendation letter concerning the issuance of statement of fulfillment of technical standards.


The Statement of Fulfillment of Technical Standards (SPPT) is issued by the Dinas Teknis.


The SPPT will be used as a base to obtain PBG.


3.Authorization of building permitsIMB application is approved and ratified by the Domestic Government if it meets the administrative and technical requirements.


PBG is issued based on SPPT.

The issuance of PBG is carried out after the Applicant has made payment of the regional levy that has been determined.

Issuance of PBG is made through Building Management Information System (SIMBG).


4.Construction ImplementationAfter the Applicant obtain IMB.After the Applicant obtain PBG.


5.Sanction At the Constructing Stage


Building owners who carry out construction without IMB may be charged with temporary suspension, demolition, and/or administrative fines.


At the Utilization Stage


Suspension of land utilization temporarily or permanent, suspension or revocation of Certificate of Worthiness (Sertifikat Laik Fungsi), and/or administrative fines.


Owners who do not comply with the establishment of functions in the PBG may be charged with administrative sanctions, from written notice/ warning to revocation of permits and/or demolition of buildings.
6.Utilization of BuildingsUtilization of building can be done after the owner obtain Sertifikat Laik Fungsi.Utilization of building can be done after the owner obtain Sertifikat Laik Fungsi.