In August 24, 2022, President Joko Widodo enacted Presidential Regulation No. 104/2022 on Employee Performance Allowance within the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). According to article 2 of the regulation, in addition to income, BRIN employees are also given a performance allowance every month. This allowance is given in consideration of bureaucratic reform assessment, organizational performance achievements and employee performance achievements.

The Provisions

Although article 2 of the law explains that BRIN employees are given performance allowances (known as tukin) every month, there are exclusion for some employees as follows:

  1. BRIN employees without a specific position
  2. BRIN employees who are temporarily dismissed or deactivated
  3. BRIN employees who are dismissed from their organic positions and given financial compensation and have not been dismissed as employees
  4. BRIN employees  who are on leave outside the state’s responsibility or off duty to prepare for retirement.
  5. BRIN employees  who have received remuneration in accordance to  Government Regulation No. 23/2005 on  Financial Management of Public Service Agencies. The regulation has been amended by Government Regulation No. 74/2012.

The Amount

The performance allowance of the Head of BRIN is set at 150% of the performance allowance in the class of the highest position within BRIN. If calculated in rupiah figures, the amount is approximately Rp. 49,860,000. In the attachment of the regulation, it is stipulated that the performance allowance for the highest class in BRIN is Rp 33,240,000. Income tax on the performance allowance will be charged to the State Budget.

For BRIN employees who are appointed as functional officials and receive professional allowances, the performance allowance is paid in the amount of the difference between the performance allowance in their position class and the professional allowance at their level. If the professional allowance obtained is greater than the the performance allowance, the professional allowance at the level will be paid.

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