President Joko Widodo issued Presidential Regulation No. 74/2022 on the 2020-2024 National Industrial Strategy. The regulation stipulates eight aspects, namely targets of development goals, focuses of development, stages of development goals, development of resources, development of facilities and infrastructure, empowerment, development of industrial zoning and fiscal and non-fiscal facilities.

Definition of KIN 2020-2024

The National Industrial Strategy (KIN) 2020-2024 is the direction and action to achieve the goals of industrial development stage II Year 2O2O-2O24 stipulated in the National Industrial Development Master Plan (RIPIN) 2015-2035. KIN 2020-2024 is set for a period of five years.

The details of KIN 2020-2024 is set out in the Industrial Development Work Plan, which is scheduled for one year. This plan is prepared by the industry minister, who coordinates relevant agencies and takes into account input from relevant stakeholders. In addition, the industry minister also issues the Industrial Development Work Plan.

The Development Work Plan is carried out by the industry minister as well as other ministers, and heads of relevant non-ministerial government agencies.

Focus of KIN 2020-2024

The focus of KIN 2020-2024 is to achieve the three aspirations of Making Indonesia 4.0 and the implementation of the second phase of RIPIN 2015-2035. The priority of  KIN 2020-2024 is the food industry; pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices; textiles, leather, footwear; various transportation equipment, electronics and telematics/ICT industries; energy generator; capital goods, components, supporting materials and industrial services; upstream agro; base metals and non-metallic minerals; as well  oil and gas and coal-based chemicals.


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