SIP Law Firm employs ISO 26000 to manage the sustainability of the firm. The sustainable management approach is used  to ensure the growth and development of the firm without having to depend on its founders.

One important factor in this approach is responsibility for the services produced. As a legal service provider, one of the responsibilities of SIP Law Firm is to educate public.

Media are used by SIP Law Firm to educate public. Media also function as a means of communication, including for the publication of SIP Law Firm’s performance and social responsibility involving the broader community. The use of media as a means of education and communication is considered suitable in accommodating the interaction between SIP Law Firm and the wider community.

For law firms, the use of media, both mass media and social media,  must be done in accordance with the Indonesian Advocates’ Code of Ethics. Chapter VII Article 8 Paragraph b of the Indonesian Advocate’s Code of Ethics states that “advertising solely to attract people’s attention is prohibited, including the installation of signboards of excessive size and or shape.”

SIP Law Firm considers the Advocate’s Code of Ethics as the foundation in managing media to connect with clients and the wider community. Therefore, the firm opts for ethical, planned and structured media management to convey information, educate and increase its reach to a wide audience.


Managing social media accounts

Several  social media management strategies of SIP Law Firm include building and developing networks with clients and partners, optimizing various media, be it visual, audio and audio visual; and consistently producing and publishing articles through online and print media.

SIP Law Firm optimizes information dissemination through a number of social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and WhatsApp to expand its reach. Indeed, social media has turned into an effective means of disseminating information. Of the total population of Indonesia, around 70% and globally 71.6%, are active users of social media.

Currently SIP Law Firm uses several social media, namely LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Spotify and WhatsApp. Each of these social media platforms has its own characteristics.

Linkedin is employed to publish content that focused more on legal opinions, the latest rules, achievements of SIP Law Firm, workshops or seminars organized by SIP Law Firm or those involving SIP Law Firm lawyers. The content presented on LinkedIn is expected to increase the credibility of SIP Law Firm among the audiences or potential clients.

In addition to Linkedin, SIP Law Firm employs Instagram and Facebook. The content for these two social media platforms is designed to publish SIP Law Firm’s activities, awards received, quotes from the lawyers and the latest legal information in Indonesia.

More over, SIP Law Firm publishes profiles of partners and lawyers and elaborates on their expertise and thoughts of legal affairs to enable the public understand the firm better.

Youtube is employed to publish talk shows and other video for legal education purposes as well as activities involving SIP Law Firm and the community around the firm. For example, in 2022, SIP Law Firm has published the documentation of a series of Ramadan events, SIP Law Firm’s Anniversary celebration and community services.

SIP Law Firm also manages audio content through podcast on Spotify through legal talks and the firm’s lawyers share of experience in the field of law The use of podcast aims at expanding the reach of the audience through audio media, which has recently become quite popular, especially among the younger generation in urban areas.


Managing Website & Email-blast

In addition to social media, SIP Law Firm manages websites that can be accessed quickly anywhere and anytime, including through mobile devices. The website is designed to be user friendly.

The website present information about lawyer profiles, legal services, updates, analysis, and press releases as well as links to all other SIP Law Firm social media. SIP Law Firm requires lawyers and employees to produce articles on legal analysis, management and other issues for the website.

The website has a special page containing a collection of legal regulations. Currently there are thousands of regulations issued by various state  institutions ranging from laws, government regulations, ministerial regulations to regional regulations.

SIP Law Firm also sends email blasts once a week, both for its clients. The email contains contents that have been posted in the SIP Law Firm’s  website and social media for one week. This aims at making it easier for the recipients to connect directly with the content they may want to access.


Book Publishing

In 2021, SIP Law Firm has been registered as a Publisher. The firm has published a book entitled Kesatuan Naskah Undang-undang Ketenagakerjaan dan Undang-Undang Cipta Kerja.

SIP Law Firm will soon publish another book, entitled Kesatuan Naskah Undang-undang Terkait Lainnya dengan Undang-undang Cipta Kerja. At present, SIP Law Firm is planning to publish more books written by its employees.


Continuity & Consistency

Content produced by the firm do not only focus on the  stage “Get” or seek and get attention of users, but also “Keep” stage, or maintain a relationship with users, to lead to the stage of “Growth” of  the SIP Law Firm’s website and social media.

Consequently, consistency and continuity as well as seriousness in making creative strategies are the keys in managing SIP Law Firm’s  website and social media. Managing media in a structured and planned manner every year has helped SIP Law Firm increase its reach in the community.


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