Employees are the best investment, the most valuable asset and the main component of any company, including consulting companies. The important role of employees needs to be taken seriously by the owner of the consulting firm. For this reason, employees must be managed properly to increase their productivity and loyalty.

Employee development involves a series of programs ranging from the planning, recruitment, training and development processes, performance management, career development, talent management, organizational development, remuneration, employee information systems and industrial relations.

SIP Law Firm manages employees systematically for the sustainability of the legal consulting business. The firm carries out the employee development programs for its advocates or lawyers as well as non-advocates or back office employees.

SIP Law Firm has developed a career development program that aims at providing opportunities for both its employees and the firm to grow. The employee development program is carried out in line with SIP Law Firm’s core values, namely Service Excellent, Integrity & Professional, which is known as Professional Career Development.

Professional career development at SIP Law Firm comprises of employee career development, talent and performance management as well as the duties and responsibilities of the advocate profession. The professional career development program is designed in line with the business processes as well as business needs for employee development.

For example, talent management is needed for the formation of a new team to expand the firm’s business. The candidates for the new team must fulfill a series of prerequisites planned in their career development to achieve the expected standards.

Simply put, employees must achieve the expected quality of performance to prepare them filling in important positions for the development of the firm.

Professional career development consists of a series of grades designed as a promotion path, which in line with the improvement of the employee remuneration and welfare.

Each employee is entitled a particular grade according to their respective specifications. Employees are equally given the opportunity to reach the standard of a grade one level above the one previously obtained.

SIP Law Firm has prepared a number of employee development programs in order to meet quality standards at a predetermined grade. Evaluation will be carried out for employees eligible to step their grade up.

The management will decide whether an employee deserves to be promoted or not based on the results of the evaluation. This annual process facilitate SIP Law Firm employees to improve their  standards and professionalism in carrying out their duties.

Employees have an active role in planning their respective careers. To ensure that their career path is in line with the SIP Law Firm development plan, the firm’s Human Resource Department is assigned to assist employees to identify their respective career developments.

Each employee can access targets that they must achieve to improve their grade through the e-SIPro application, which is an internal system built to monitor employee development, including career development.

In 2022, the professional career development program carried out by SIP Law Firm has resulted in one new partner and team. At present SIP Law Firm is preparing several candidates to fill in a new partner position.

Personal, Work, Social, and Participation are four aspects that become the focus of professional career development at SIP Law Firm,  as follows:



The focus of personal aspects are Education, Profession, Training and Experience.

SIP Law Firm requires its employees to have a bachelor’s degree. This is important to ensure a common perception and mastery of knowledge in each field of work.

For advocates or lawyers, the minimum education requirement is a bachelor degree in law. Other employees are required to own a bachelor’s degree  in accordance to their respective fields of work. For all employees, higher education is a requirement to achieve a higher grade.

In addition to education, an advocate or a lawyer is also required to have a particular skill in their respective profession such as certification to become Intellectual Property Rights Consultant, Capital Market Consultant, Curator, Mediator, and so on.

At a certain grade, an advocate or lawyer is required to become a specialist advocate or lawyer. Similarly, other employees are also required to have their specialization in their respective professions,

The personal aspect that is no less important is the active participation in training, both internally and externally. One of the internal training activities is a  regular sharing session for all SIP Law Firm employees. SIP Law Firm also facilitate external training such as Legal English, Legal Drafting, Legal Due Diligent, etc.

The last aspect is experience, which is achieved along with the experience in handling a number of tasks assigned. With the standardization of experience for employees, SIP Law Firm ensures the quality of the legal services delivered. This applies to both advocates or lawyers handling cases and other employees managing finance, marketing, human resources, and other tasks.



SIP Law Firm measures the quantity of lawyer’s work based on the number of hours of handling cases. The quality of the work is assessed by a Partner based on the ways the lawyers handled the cases in 13 practice areas, namely Manpower, Health, Mining, Criminal, Civil, Family, Corporate, Property, Banking, Bankruptcy, Capital Market, Technology Law and Intellectual Property Rights.

The higher the grade that an employee has, the higher the quantity and quantity requirements assigned.

For other employees, the work assessment is carried out based on the Discipline and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Employees reported their KPIs to their respective superiors  on a regular basis for a review.  The result will then be presented to the Managing Partner at the end of each year.



SIP Law Firm encourages employees to involve in various social activities.  Most specifically, the firm encourages its employees to be speakers in both internal and external events. The involvement of the firm’s employees in social events is expected to develop their reputation in the legal field.

In addition, SIP employees are required to produce legal or management writings in the form of articles, research publication, or books. Articles published in various media owned by SIP Law Firm are expected to educate general public on legal issues.

SIP Law Firm also provides voluntary legal assistance, or better known as Probono. In line with Law No. 18/2003 on Advocates, the lawyers are encouraged to conduct voluntary legal assistance for 50 hours every year.

To support sustainable business activities, SIP Law Firm back office employees are encouraged to innovate in order to produce new breakthroughs to ensure that business processes at SIP Law Firm are effective and efficient.



SIP Law Firm appreciates employees who interact in the firm’ social media accounts actively, maintain their respective appearance, and improve additional skills such as foreign language other than English, and participate in various events organized by the firm.


Author / Contributor:

SDM M. Reza Wahyudi, S.Psi

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Author / Contributor:

 Ibadurrahman, S.Psi, MM

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