Yudha is an associate lawyer who works directly under the managing partner. He is communication & knowledge specialist with many of experience in media relations. As a lawyer, he always prioritizes safety and benefits for his clients, both in dispute resolution or in business transactions. No wonder most of our clients never make any complaint about him.


Yudha graduated with Master of International Trade Law from the University of Indonesia. He was a Knowledge and Communication Specialist at the Secretariat of Dewan Nasional Keuangan Inklusif (DNKI) under the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs. He used to work with some organizations such as World Bank and Women’s World Bank. He was involved in making of strategies together with Financial Service Authority (OJK), Bank of Indonesia (central bank), and related Ministries regarding to financial inclusion.

Yudha was also involved in the Consumer Protection working group in DNKI. The working group focuses on protection of consumer in the financial sector, including in terms of consumer data protection.

Since joining the SIP Law Firm, his experiences, consists of handling civil cases and medical cases. He has also been appointed as Curator’s (Receiver) Staff for restructuring and insolvency cases. In matters of business transaction, he has experience in conducting due diligence on hospital purchase.

As an associate, Yudha also has the additional task of handling media partners and public relations.

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