Noor Rachmad, one of the SIP Law Firm partners who has a sharp knowledge in law enforcement and providing justice. His extensive knowledge in the field of law enforcement was fostered from his broad experiences after previously serving as Jaksa Agung Muda Tindak Pidana Umum, ranked as Jaksa Utama.


For law enforcement, Noor Rachmad started hisĀ  career since 1984 with a 35-year service period. With his expertise in fighting for justice, it is not surprising that Noor Rachmad rapidly climbed his career advancement and can help provide justice for the wider community.

The joining of Noor Rachmad at SIP Law Firm in 2019 as a partner, bring different color in handling law enforcement for clients. Noor Rachmad’s legal advice is also known by many of his colleagues as a solution to give broader perspective on the enforcement of justice. No wonder in 2015, Noor Racmad was elected as General Chairperson (Ketum) of the Indonesian Prosecutors Association (PJI).


Universitas Diponegoro, Bachelor Degree
Universitas Erlangga, Master Degree
Universitas Pajajaran, Doctorate Degree


Member of Persatuan Jaksa Indonesia (PJI)

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